Welcome From The Head



This is the mantra that was created by our school community two years ago, and it is what I want you to take forth as you start 2018.

LEARN everything you can in 2018! You are about to begin one leg in the journey of lifelong learning, learning that will provide you with the tools to navigate yourself not only through your academics, but in all areas of your life. Be an active participant, and take ownership of your learning. Enquire and keep an open-mind on this journey and you will become more knowledgeable because of it.

BUILD positive relationships with your peers, teachers, parents and the whole LBIS and wider community. Care for each other and make an effort to build friendships. Demonstrate mature communicative and collaborative skills as you build these relationships, and be principled in those choices you make.

INNOVATE by taking risks, and reflect on those mistakes you make (you will make many!), and use those mistakes as lessons and you will be wiser because of them! Through creation and innovation, you will develop your higher level thinking skills, increasing your ability to learn and progress.

SUCCEED in trying your best, that is all we will ever ask of you! Create individual goals and targets for yourself; don’t compete with others, just compete with yourself. To succeed, you will need to be well-balanced, juggling your academics, your friends, your hobbies and other parts of your life.

2018 promises to be an exciting year, and I am delighted to welcome you to a school that aims to inspire innovative and holistic leaders for a changing world!






David Jenkins
Head of school