The Learning Support Department in LBIS consists of support for Special Educational Needs (SEN) and English Language Support.

Learning Support Staff

The Learning Support Team consists of four dynamic, motivated and compassionate teachers.

  • Head of Learning Support Dept: Sonia Mannick
  • Learning Support Teachers (SEN): Nazia Hosaneea and Beryl Huët
  • English Language Support Coordinator: Ameena Maudarbacus

Special Educational Needs

The SEN Unit provides support to students with mild to moderate specific learning difficulties. Our Learning Support teachers offer a range of services including in-class observation and support or small group teaching. Students requiring one to one support may be withdrawn from some timetabled classes where required to receive additional support.

Who is eligible for SEN support? Students are included on the Learning Support Register after providing relevant educational, developmental and medical history. These documents may include:

  • a medical certificate with diagnostic details and specific recommendations
  • a formal report of an ability and/or attainment test done by a specialist, inidicating subtest standard scores and stating the specific disability (if diagnosed).

Individual Education Plan (IEP): An IEP is written for all students on the Learning Support register. The IEP includes specific targets set for the student; including the student’s preferred learning style, recommendations for home and recommended teaching and learning strategies. IEP targets are reviewed for each student every semester.

Special Exams Arrangements: Special accomodation may be provided during formal internal exams for those students who would meet the criteria of the external examining body regulations.

The Peer Mentoring Programme (PMP): The PMP was launched by the Learning Support Department in 2008. It involves Form 6 students who are trained by Learning Support teachers to act as mentors to some younger students who are experiencing learning difficulties to adjust to the learning environment. The Programme runs from April to November each year. The mentors are expected to act as a model, a motivator and an advisor to the students.

English Language Support

Support is provided to a limited number of students whose mother tongue is a language other than English. These students will have had no prior or limited exposure to the language. The aim of this programme is to enable the student to learn the basics of the language in view of being able to access the curriculum and adapt to a new school and sometimes a new country. Referral of students for English Language Support will be done by the Principal for Academic Affairs at admission.